Admission in Dress Designing Courses are now Open

Our 2019 Gurukulam Fashion Admissions are open. People of all ages and educational background are welcome to join any of our course. All courses are practical in nature and anyone with basic reading and writing skills in their local language can easily follow instructions and learn from our experts.

Have Questions? Contact our Admission Counselor

We understand that you might have some questions like Which dress designing course is best of me? Can I enroll in more than one courses? Duration of the courses, Course curriculum.. e.t.c. We have our expert admission counselors here to help you decide and finalize before you begin on this remarkable carrier defining journey with us. Please review our FAQ's or Contact Us to know more.

Certificates and Awards

All students registered on Meri Slate will get a certificate of completion by Gurukulam Fashion at the end of their course. .

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