Small city Business Ideas

Small City Business Ideas

Are you looking to start a business but do not wish to move out of your city? Does the limited population and geographical area of your city posing a doubt to your business ideas? If you are countering any such questions than this blog may help you. If you live in a small city with less population compared to tier 1 or metros in India, encouragement of doing business is less from society. It is a widely accepted fact that business in small cities is not a profit-making idea. When it comes to Small city business ideas, there is a vacuum. Many profitable businesses which are flourishing in big cities are not able to gain that much profit in a small town or cities. It may be because of their business model or less demand. There are some unique problems that these small-town populations face to start their business. However, every location demands its own business model, hence this blog is dedicated to the ideas that can thrive in small-town or cities.

Gurukulam Fashion – A Small town business that thrives

We, at Gurukulam Fashion, are offering the opportunity to the smart people living small-town and to those who have a dream for their own business. This is a franchise-based business model. Gurukulam Fashion is a creative initiative by INIFD which is designed to take the fashion and interior design education at each and every corner of India. The sense of fashion, dressmaking, and interior decoration are gaining in small town and cities at a rapid pace. Those who are interested but are living far from big infrastructure and education centres are unable to get such kind of education, knowledge and expertise. These training centres are opening windows of opportunity for them. 

Gurukulam Fashion has the model for small-town business that thrives. It is a franchise that provides you with step-by-step setup help and continuing support in operations. You can establish the franchise with minimum investment. All the marketing support will be provided by the head office. Teacher’s training and reading material will be given by franchise owners. Moreover, you can decide on the fee of students for each course. We offer you a good return on investment with an aim to develop necessary expertise thereby promoting employment and entrepreneurship in the field of dressmaking and interior decoration. We help you in the end to end process to set up your business. Our team will assist you in set up your business in the small cities of India.  

Some benefits to start a business with Gurukulam Fashion-

1. Minimum Investment

2. Low Risk

3. Support for the marketing of centre

4. Support for recruitment of faculties

5. Operational assistance

6. Initial training from our side

7. Meri slate Initiative

8. Complete digital marketing

9. No requirement of fancy infrastructure

If you are really looking for a successful small city business ideas then Gurukulam Fashion is the best option available.  It is the lowest cost business opportunity for a small town/city with promising returns. The concept like “Meri Slate” makes it more contemporary in the education sector where students can learn from famous personalities. It is also a USP of Gurukulam Fashion as none of the dressmaking & interior decoration training centres operating in small cities has such a network or facility.  For more details about the franchise, the business model or small town business that thrives, get in touch with Gurukulam Fashion. Our expert team is ready to assist you.